Dostek DNC

Dostek DNC™

CNC communication (DNC) software for Windows™

You can use Dostek DNC™ to:

  • Transfer programs and data between the computer and CNC machine tools (Distributed Numerical Control).
  • Run programs directly from the computer (Direct Numerical Control).
  • Edit and compare program on the computer.
  • Manage programs and documents.

Dostek DNC works with CNC machine tools equipped with a serial communication port.

With a choice or three affordable software editions, Dostek DNC covers the entire range of DNC applications.

Features include:

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Expert technical support gets you started fast.
  • High-speed load, store and drip feed.
  • Remote program call-up saves machine set-up time.
  • Program editor with side-by-side file comparison.
  • Familiar explorer-style file manager.
  • Works with Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit editions) and earlier.
  • Works with both wired and wireless serial ports.
  • Works with bar-code readers, touch screens and tablets.
  • Exceptional value, starting at just $295.
  • No hardware lock or copy protection.

Try it for free. There's no sign-up, so you can get started in minutes. And, if you need help, live expert support is free during your trial.


Software editions.

Dostek DNC is available in a choice of three affordable software editions that cover the entire range of DNC applications.

Dostek DNC Software Editions
Feature Lite
Remote call-up, maximum CNCs 1 16 64
Classic drip-feed, maximum CNCs 1 4 4
Side-by-side file comparison No Yes Yes
Advanced searching No Yes Yes

Lite edition is ideal for basic applications. You can connect any number of CNCs to a computer, but Lite edition communicates with only one CNC at a time.

Professional and Ultimate editions can communicate with multiple CNCs simultaneously, provide remote call-up for up to 16 or 64 CNCs, respectively, and include side-by-side file comparison and advanced searching.

Multiple Computers. You can use Dostek DNC on multiple computers. For example, you can use a separate computer for each CNC or for each department, or you can use multiple computers to provide remote call-up for more than 64 CNCs. Each computer requires a license. You can purchase additional licenses at a substantial discount (for pricing, see Ordering Information.

Easy to install and use. Dostek DNC includes sample configurations and parameter settings for most CNC models, a set-up wizard to guide you through installation and configuration, an online tutorial, detailed help files, and a communication test program. Expert Web-based and toll-free telephone technical support are available to help you get started quickly.

Convenient "Classic" and "Remote Call-up" DNC Methods. Dostek DNC provides both "classic" and "remote" communication methods.

How it works
Using "Classic" DNC
Using "Remote" DNC

With the "classic" method, you walk back and forth between the CNC and computer to transfer files.

With the "remote" method, you send commands to the computer directly from the CNC console. You can use remote commands to:

  • "Call up" programs from the computer for loading or drip-feeding.
  • Save programs from the machine to the computer.
  • Print files.
  • View computer file directories and DNC system messages.

The remote method can save set-up time, reduce maintenance cost, and improve security.

Works with wired and wireless serial ports. You can use:

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Ports and Cables
  • Standard PC COM ports.
  • Multi-port serial cards.
  • Wired Ethernet/serial hubs (single-port and multi-port).
  • Wireless Ethernet/serial adapters.
  • USB/serial adapters.
  • Any serial communication hardware with a Windows COM port driver.

Editor with file comparison. With Dostek DNC's Editor, you can:

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Editing and Comparing Files
  • Simultaneously edit multiple files.
  • Cut, copy and paste within and between files.
  • Renumber and reformat programs.
  • Compare files to quickly find differences.
  • Search and replace text strings.
  • Undo and redo changes.

Enhanced explorer-style file manager. Dostek DNC's File Manager has the familiar feel of Windows Explorer, with several unique features. You can:

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Managing Files
  • Restrict operator access to specific folders and file types.
  • Protect original program files from modification.
  • Require a password to modify files or change configurations.
  • Search files by name, date, size or file content.
  • Associate set-up sheets, CAD drawings and other documents with part program files.
  • Use a touch screen or bar-code reader.
  • Customize command buttons.

Works with Windows. Dostek DNC works with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP (both 32-bit and 64-bit editions), plus older computers dating back as far as Windows 95.

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Using a Touch Screen

Works with bar-code readers, touch screens and Windows tablets. Use a bar-code scanner to scan file names. An on-screen touch keyboard is available. And a convenient tablet interface is included.

Configurable security. Use Dostek DNC's configurable security to protect data and conform to quality control procedures. You can:

  • Protect original program files from modification.
  • Limit access to specified folders.
  • Disable commands that upload or modify files.
  • Record events in a log for audit or analysis.

No hardware lock or copy protection. Dostek DNC does not use copy protection or a hardware lock (key), so you'll never lose production because of a lost or defective hardware lock or copy protection failure.

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