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Dostek DNC

Dostek DNC free trial

Try Dostek DNC risk free. Download a full working copy for a 10-day trial. Includes free telephone/remote support to help you get started fast!

Dostek DNC software

Download the latest version of the Dostek DNC software.

Dostek DNC documents

Download the latest Dostek DNC manuals.

Dostek DNC support update

Download the Dostek DNC support update, which includes the latest help files, sample CNC configurations, and Com Test Terminal (for troubleshooting communication problems).

Dostek 440A BTR

Dostek 440A BTR documents

Download the latest Dostek 440A BTR manuals.

Dostek 440A BTR software update

Download the latest software and firmware for the Dostek Model 440A BTR. To install this update, the Dostek DNC software must already by installed on your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install software on a computer that isn't connected to the Internet?
Save the download file, and then copy it to the other computer using a CD, USB flash drive, or a shared network folder. For more information, see the How to Download page.
What if I need help?
Contact Dostek for expert technical support.
I have an older version of Dostek DNC. Can I update to the newest version?
If you purchased Dostek DNC recently, or subscribe to Dostek's remote service, updates are free. To check your status, contact Dostek.
To try the newest version, install the free trial on a different computer. The trial doesn't work on a computer if Dostek DNC is already installed, or was previously installed.