Dostek provides a full range of CNC communication products.

  • DNC software
  • Behind-the-Tape Reader (BTR) interfaces
  • DNC accessories (ports, cables, etc.)

DNC Systems and Software

CNC communication (DNC) software for Windows™

Dostek DNC

If you need DNC software, Dostek DNC™ is worth a look. Try it for free. It downloads in minutes, and is exceptionally easy to use. If you have a question or need help, live support is free during the trial.

Dostek DNC is great value when you need top-notch DNC software without the complicated extras.

  • High-speed CNC upload, download and drip-feed
  • Available remote program call-up eliminates shop-floor computers
  • Easy to install and use
  • Program editor with side-by-side file comparison
  • Convenient explorer-style file manager
  • Works with Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) and earlier
  • Try it free, with live expert technical support

Behind-the-Tape Reader (BTR)

Punched tape replacement for machine tools Model 440 BTR

Dostek's 440A Behind-the-Tape Reader (BTR) is an affordable RS-232C serial port retrofit for older NC/CNC machine tools.

The 440A BTR replaces the tape reader, letting you integrate your older machine tools into a modern DNC system.

You can load part programs and machine executive software from your computer, simplifying operation and reducing set-up time and maintenance costs.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Reader and puncher emulation
  • Supports executive software loading
  • Transcribe (copy) tapes to disk
  • Toll-free telephone technical support

DNC Accessories

DNC Accessories

Let Dostek help you choose from a complete range of communication ports and cables.

  • Wired and wireless Ethernet/serial adapters and hubs.
  • Multi-port serial boards.
  • Standard and custom-built cables and wiring adapters.