Technical Support

Support options include:

Remote Support
Web-based remote service is a fast, secure and cost-effective way to put Dostek's technical expertise to work for you. To get started, click Remote support.
Self Support
See the Dostek DNC Self Support page for information about:
  • Fixing a CNC communication problem
  • Fixing a software operation or installation problem
  • Understanding RS-232C communication, cables and COM ports
  • Using Dostek DNC help documents
  • Frequently-asked questions
Emergency or After-Hours Support
To quickly fix a problem, such as a computer failure or communication error, you can:
  • See the Self Support page.
  • Install your Dostek DNC software on another computer. If you can't find your Dostek DNC software disk, download the free trial. It works for 10 days without a license.
  • Work around a communication hardware or cable failure by installing your Dostek DNC software on a laptop computer and connecting it directly to the CNC.
Email Support
Send your request to See "Support Tips" below. Email support is always free for registered users.
Telephone Support
Call Dostek to discuss your support issue. If detailed support is required, web-based remote support may be available at no cost. If you are unable to use web-based support, step-by-step telephone assistance is available at reasonable cost.
Dostek DNC Help Documents
Dostek DNC includes detailed help. For more information, see the Dostek DNC Self Support page.
Dostek DNC Sample CNC Configurations
To save time, use Dostek DNC's sample CNC configuration files. Samples are provided for most CNC models, and include informative notes to help you configure your CNC. For more information, see the Dostek DNC Self Support page.
Dostek Support Guide
For information about Dostek support options, fixing a problem, getting help, and sending information to Dostek, see the Dostek Support Guide:
To download software updates, manuals and technical documents, visit the Downloads page.


  • Support for outdated software (5 or more years old) may be limited. For best support, keep your software up to date.

Support Tips

For fast and effective technical support, consider the following tips before contacting Dostek:

  • Provide the following information:
    • Your full name
    • Your company name
    • Your telephone number, including area code
    • Your correct email address
    • Your Dostek DNC software version number and serial number (click About in Dostek DNC's Help menu)
  • Be specific. Avoid slang and ambiguous terms. For example, instead of saying "It quits when I download," say "When I send a file from the computer to the CNC, the CNC indicates alarm 86 and the Dostek DNC software indicates 'XOff char received' after sending 14 percent of the file."

Contact Dostek

Call Telephone

Toll free (USA and Canada)


Email Email

Hours Business hours

8am - 5pm Eastern time zone,
Monday to Friday.

Voice mail available 24/7.

Skype Skype

Available by appointment for overseas calls.